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Rainbow energizing a cloudy landscape, like Logtrade Data Sharing Platform is renewing logistics.
Rainbow energizing a cloudy landscape, like Logtrade Data Sharing Platform is renewing logistics.
Woman reaching out to share a glass sphere that reflects an inclusive digital logistics ecosystem.

The one digital logistics platform for all.

The Logtrade Data Sharing Platform is the first open data sharing platform in the market. It’s designed to enable data sharing in logistics, based on a unified language – our IoL protocol. The platform helps you use the Internet of Logistics by connecting your business with supply chain stakeholders (like products, vehicles, smart locks, locations and many more) in a virtual infrastructure.

It’s one powerful platform that allows products to move and sell themselves in a circular ecosystem by sharing data. Logtrade Data Sharing is efficient, affordable and designed to make more out of less. With 100% transparency and a radical focus on sustainable logistics.

Goodbye data silos, hello data sharing in one single, powerful integration.

Minimize integration efforts

No more building or maintaining APIs. Connect directly with other logistics providers and applications through a single integration – possibly the last you’ll ever need.

Share resources, act sustainably

If public buildings have storage space or a fleet has downtime, why not use it? Data sharing data enables physical resource sharing to make more of what we already have.

Connect with collaborators

As the Logtrade Data Sharing Platform grows, you'll gain access to a wider network of logistics stakeholders. And with them, more opportunities for shared success, for you and your customers.

Co-create the future of logistics

One global standard where everything is linked and synced, so nothing can be lost or wasted. It’s a circular ecosystem designed for sharing data and resources. One where everyone wins.

Entrepreneur relaxing with his feet up, looking at data in his Logtrade Data Sharing cloud.

Logtrade Data Sharing Platform is for logistics innovators looking to...

Share data through the platform with multiple stakeholders.

Benefit from new business opportunities with partners.

Connect their entire supply chain in real time.

Enable autonomous, predictive supply chains.

Build a circular business model around products.

Become part of a responsible digital logistics ecosystem that contributes to a zero-waste society and use a more sustainable infrastructure.

Core components of Logtrade Data Sharing

Trade Units
Digitized form representing a trade unit, a product’s digital twin.

We digitize products by adding a unique identity, which enables them to voice their needs in the ecosystem and makes them traceable over their lifetime. Thanks to a standardized, open format, goods owners with access to Logtrade Data Sharing can create a trade unit and other entity types.

Transport Request
Transport Instructions

The more applications we have and the more information we share, the greater the benefit for all.

Magnus Unemyr, Project Manager, Logtrade
Magnus Unemyr

Project Manager

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Recreate trade. Connect everything. Recreate trade. Connect everything.

Recreate trade. Connect everything. Recreate trade. Connect everything.