Delivery Experience Management

Transparent deliveries, happier customers.

Inspiring orange sunset with an optical ripple effect.
Inspiring orange sunset with an optical ripple effect.
An urban delivery worker carrying parcels to a satisfied receiver at the next drop-off location.

Gain control of your customer's delivery experience.

DXM keeps you connected with your customers, no matter which carriers you ship with. Our delivery experience management tool allows you and your customers to track delivery flows in real time. If there is a delay, you can send a direct notification. Everyone benefits from more transparent deliveries, from basket to door.

How DXM supports your business:

Real-time delivery tracking

Get a detailed overview of all shipments en route to the customer. Customers can also follow deliveries via your new hosted tracking site.

More efficiency for deliveries

Better delivery experience management can reduce handling fees and returns, which ultimately boosts your ROI.

Fast, direct customer contact

Automated email and text messages alert your customers to problems or delays – with custom messaging that’s always on brand.

Less stress for customer service

DXM means your customer service only needs to consult one tool for all carriers. They also enjoy fewer WISMO (where is my order) cases.

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Delivery Experience Management helps you to...

Improve delivery performance

Reduce your delivery costs

Increase customer happiness and return rates

Cut down on WISMO cases and free up customer service

Increase upsell opportunities through targeted offers


Customer order tracking
Shopping basket icon – for order tracking from basket to door.

Your customers can track their orders directly on your tracking page, and receive notifications in the event of delays. Customize the page with your own branding. The look and feel is up to you.

Real-time delivery tracking

It's fantastic to see that our WISMO cases have decreased by as much as 40%. We now have full control over all deliveries, including dropshipping.

Erik Hallgren
Erik Hallgren

Logistics Manager GardenStore

Taking control of the delivery experience has never been easier.

David Måsegård
David Måsegård

Platschef, Royal Design Group Holding

FAQs about Delivery Experience Management

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What support is included?
What does it take to connect DXM to my TA system?
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Which e-commerce platforms does order tracking work with?
Do I need to have an online shop to use DXM?

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