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The 31 Year Old CEO Breaking The Status Quo

Combining technology, innovation and sustainability, newly appointed CEO of Logtrade, Sara Ali.

A leader's job is more than innovation—it is to see the world through a fundamentally different lens. Newly appointed CEO & Co-Founder of Logtrade, Sara Ali, has been steering forward Logtrade’s vision to create a new logistical ecosystem where products will be able to move and sell themselves.

“It is high time we gave back the power to the farmers and primary producers. What if we rethink and redesign a sustainable network of movement that will be create zero waste?” asks Sara Ali, who is passionate about integrating complex innovative solutions to address the most pressing problems that society faces; issues such as zero-waste and ending world hunger.

Every year, consumers in rich countries waste almost as much food (222 million tonnes) as the entire net food production of sub-Saharan Africa (230 million tonnes). For the last three years, under the guidance of Sara Ali and Fredrik Svedberg, Founder and former CEO of Logtrade; they propelled Logtrade to be at the forefront of research and development. Their mission was to create social innovation solutions, that included products with autonomous features that led a circular life, and that moved from one home to another until, they decompose in a sustainable manner.

As a result, Logtrade started exploring a new way to distribute bread. A test was set up with the aim to empower bread to move and sell itself in a circular flow. A bakery was equipped with a Logtrade technology and given access to the logistical operative system of the future that Logtrade built. As soon as a loaf of bread popped out of the oven, it started its journey to a coffee shop. After a couple of hours at the coffee shop, purchases slowed down. The bakery’s Logtrade system sends a trigger that it’s time for unsold breads to get a move on. Nearby transportation capacities were notified and called to action to take them to the next customer. The next customer was a university’s pantry where the breads have cooled down and prices are lowered accordingly. After a couple of hours, the leftover bread was moved onwards to a farm, as a treat for farmers animals, to decompose and eventually fertilize new grain crops. Hence, this is how LogTrade attempts to execute their new logistical ecosystem, with zero-waste.

The Founder, Fredrik Svedberg emphasizes, “We have had several cases during the last three years including, delivery of fresh baked bread, fruits, vegetables, ready to eat meals and recycling of oil filters. This has been done using simple technology, such as QR-codes that can be scanned with apps in combination with advanced sensors, that communicated with trucks or smart locks, via our Logtrade operative system.”

“What do we make of this?” Sara adds, “Well, the most important learning is that if you empower the small, everyone is elevated. We at LogTrade are well prepared to seize tomorrow’s opportunities to serve the next generation meaningfully in a balanced array of geographies. Preparing for tomorrow is the business of today.”

About Logtrade Technology

Logtrade Technology was founded in 1992 and in 2008, the company launched its core product: a cloud-based transport administration system for delivery and shipping handling. Logtrade’s long-term vision is to create new logistical structures where products will be able to move and sell themselves in a circular economy.

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Logtrade Sales

Recreate trade. Connect everything. Recreate trade. Connect everything.

Recreate trade. Connect everything. Recreate trade. Connect everything.

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