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Internet of Logistics (IoL)

One pioneering standard for the future of logistics.

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Empowering products to move and sell themselves.

Logtrade’s Internet of Logistics (IoL) starts with what logistics is really about: the products people want and need. Equipped with a unique identity (URI), products are empowered to move freely. They can even sell themselves and move on when the time is right.

Along their journey, digitized products connect independently with other IoL stakeholders – smart locks, vehicles, depots – through data sharing. Their emancipation marks the start of predictive, autonomous supply chains. And puts an end to waste.

What emerges is a logistics infrastructure without silos or black boxes. Transparent, connected supply chains mean people can plan better, distribute better and make the most of existing resources. Logistics becomes circular and sustainable.

1 universal unit

Instead of parcels, we think in “trade units” – products with a unique rich identifier that enables them to connect with all parts of the IoL, and never get lost.

1 digital ecosystem

One ecosystem that connects all stakeholders directly, breaking down silos and increasing opportunity for all.

1 language

Thanks to the IoL, trade units can “talk” to different resources like vehicles and storage spaces, and orchestrate their own journey.

1 open standard

Instead of multiple protocols, you have just one. The IoL can connect seamlessly with multiple applications.

A structured approach to virtually any logistics challenge.


Finally, we connect our applications to create integrated services for tomorrow’s logistics challenges.


Based on the Logtrade Data Sharing Platform, we develop production-ready apps and APIs – or your developers create their own.

Logtrade Data Sharing

Built on the IoL protocol, the Logtrade Data Sharing Platform serves as the foundation, making it possible to connect and share data – between trade units, assets, shippers, carriers, and receivers – in an integrated ecosystem.


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Developer resources.

The Logtrade Developer Portal is where you will find integration guides, system administration guides and API documentation that makes it easier for application developers and system integrators to use our programming interfaces.

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Operating information

Operating status

Operations fully functional - No incident reported today

Operational disruption at UPS, Europe affecting TimeInTransit. UPS is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We will update you here when we have further information.

Planned maintenance

Planned maintenance is usually performed weekdays after 10pm (CET) or weekends.

2024-03-12 - Scheduled system maintenance and update to version 24.3
2024-04-09 - Scheduled system maintenance and update to version 24.4
2024-05-07 - Scheduled system maintenance and update to version 24.5

Recent maintenance and updates

2024-02-06 - Scheduled system maintenance and update to version 24.2
2024-01-22 - Scheduled system maintenance and update to version 24.1
2023-12-12 - Scheduled system maintenance and update to version 23.11

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Recreate trade. Connect everything. Recreate trade. Connect everything.

Recreate trade. Connect everything. Recreate trade. Connect everything.

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