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Extend the capabilities of your Jeeves ERP to include a powerful shipping and logistics solution.

Seamless Jeeves integration with Logtrade, symbolized by the two companies' logos.
Seamless Jeeves integration with Logtrade, symbolized by the two companies' logos.

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Two warehouse workers discover new smart features with Logtrade's integrated delivery management system for Jeeves.

Quick specs

Compatible: Delivery Management System, DXM
Supported languages: English, Swedish

Logtrade’s Delivery Management System (DMS) integrates easily and directly into Jeeves, allowing you to extend your ERP’s functionality with powerful order handling and shipping tools:

  • Flexible shipping volumes depending on your needs
  • Multi-carrier access (up to nearly 50 carriers)
  • Advanced order tracking and freight handling
  • Integrated label printing
  • Control Tower, analytics, automated notifications and more.

How Logtrade supports your business

Seamlessly integrated into Jeeves

Our solution is built directly into Jeeves, meaning you and your staff don’t need to navigate a new system. Support and regular updates are provided by our longstanding partners at Jeeves. You get a tried and tested solution used by thousands of customers.

Customized to your needs

With our built-in integration, you receive a flexible delivery management system that offers be adapted to your specific needs - regardless of your size or industry. Choose only the add-ons you need - like extra users or functions - for a fully customized experience.

Lower costs, increased productivity

Automated processes allow you to streamline your order handling and reduce costs - both inside the warehouse and when procuring freight providers. That also results in faster deliveries, for increased productivity and even a better customer experience all around

Scales with your business

Logtrade’s system easily handles increasing order volumes or seasonal peaks. When business increases, functions like automatic consolidation, notifications, and price quote further reduce employee workloads

Inside our Start package

Access to 5 carriers: Bring, DB Schenker, DHL, DSV Road and PostNord) or add your own carrier

Multiple smart features like automated notifications and more

2 users

1 shipping address

500 monthly shipments

Support from Logtrade’s dedicated customer success team

More shipments

You can also add:

Additional carriers, e.g. UPS, FedEx, Airmee, Budbee, Instabox and others

Premium functions like Automatic Consolidation or Price Quote

External login for 3 PL, dropshipping providers, etc.

Advanced analytics (DXM) and logistics visibility (Connected Goods)

All Packages

Our Jeeves partners support you with setup and onboarding.

Key features

Price Quote
Stacked coins symbolizing the price query feature.

Price your shipments before booking. Use the Price Quote add-on (available for Pro and Enterprise users) whenever you need added certainty on pricing – for example, when moving bulky goods or products to new destinations. Invoice your customer quickly, directly and reliably without having to wait on the carrier to know the price.

Order Management
Shipping Documents and Labels
Automatic Consolidation
Automated Notifications
Control Tower with Statistics Portal

Frequently asked questions

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Why should I choose Logtrade over other solutions?

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David Ramljak
David Ramljak

Partner and Sales Manager

Logtrade Support

Logtrade Support

Recreate trade. Connect everything. Recreate trade. Connect everything.

Recreate trade. Connect everything. Recreate trade. Connect everything.

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