Forest mirrored in a tranquil lake in Sweden, home to Logtrade Technology.

We are trade recreators.

Setting new standards since 1992.

Because trade is in everyone.

We are on a mission to provide people with what they want, where and when they want it. That’s because we’re trade recreators. Founded in 1992 and based on the firm belief that trade is in everyone – and, in the future, in everything.


Jungmansgatan 12

211 11 Malmö, Sweden

Palo Alto

470 Ramona Street

Palo Alto, CA 94301, USA

Our core values.

A hand reaching to the horizon as a symbol of inclusive logistics.

We want our world of plenty to be there for everyone. To make equity a reality, access is everything. We create inclusive operating systems open to anyone who wants to move something, from shippers to carriers.

Sharing knowledge and data
Planet and people before profit
Current competitors are future friends
Never steal or misuse data
A highway over the ocean, connecting countries and people.

We connect everything.

You know the saying, “it’s all connected.” We follow it to extremes. Our digital logistics ecosystem and SaaS solutions give products a unique identity and link them to assets, or objects required to complete the product's circular journey. In this interconnected system, products can “talk” to assets and get the help they need to travel when the time is right.

The IoL and the applications we develop, together with companies and entrepreneurs, help businesses be better prepared for the future of trade and predictive supply chains.




shipments per day



Our Team

We’re a team of 50+ full-time associates and consultants. Logistics and IT specialists, sales and support staff, business developers, communicators. What unites us: we never stop trying and we love logistics.

Aladin Aljadri, Application/Integration Specialist, Logtrade
Aladin Aljadri

Application/Integration Specialist

Amadeus Sjöberg, Sales Specialist, Printers & Labels, Logtrade
Amadeus Sjöberg

Sales Specialist, Printers & Labels

André Ericsson, Support, Logtrade
André Ericsson


Arvid Levander, Project Manager, Logtrade
Arvid Levander

Project Manager

Ashley Love, Executive Assistant and Project Manager for CEO, Logtrade
Ashley Love

Executive Assistant and Project Manager for CEO

David Ramljak
David Ramljak

Partner and Sales Manager

Emil Fredenholm, Partner Manager, Logtrade Technology
Emil Fredenholm

Partner Manager

Erik Krantz, Customer Success, Logtrade
Erik Krantz

Customer Success

Fabian Samberg, Financial Officer, Logtrade
Fabian Samberg

Financial Officer

Fredrik Svedberg, Founder, Logtrade
Fredrik Svedberg


Ivan Flink, Head of Sales, Logtrade
Ivan Flink

Head of Sales

Ivan Provenzale, Design Advisor, Logtrade
Ivan Provenzale

Design Advisor

Jan-Yngve Sjoberg, Sales Specialist, Printers & Labels, Logtrade
Jan-Yngve Sjoberg

Sales Specialist, Printers & Labels

Katarzyna Tomala, Test Lead, Logtrade
Katarzyna Tomala

Test Lead

Lars Westman, Dynamics 365 BC App Development, Logtrade
Lars Westman

Dynamics 365 BC App Development

Linus Jounger, Application/Integration Specialist, Logtrade
Linus Jounger

Application/Integration Specialist

Ludvig Svedberg, Software Developer, Logtrade
Ludvig Svedberg

Software Developer

Magnus Unemyr, Project Manager, Logtrade
Magnus Unemyr

Project Manager

Martin Jakobsson

Software Engineer

Matt Manser, System Developer, Logtrade
Matt Manser

System Developer

Michal Filipiak, System Developer, Logtrade
Michal Filipiak

System Developer

Mikael Cederholm, Content and Ads Specialist, Logtrade
Mikael Cederholm

Content and Ads Specialist

Minna Sandberg, Chief Business Development North America, Logtrade
Minna Sandberg

Chief Business Development North America

Oskar Handmark

Software Engineer

Sam Le

System Developer

Sandra Wasserman, SEO & Communication Specialist, Logtrade
Sandra Wasserman

SEO & Communication Specialist

Sara Ali, CEO and Co-Founder, Logtrade
Sara Ali

CEO and Co-Founder

Sarah Matthews, Head of Marketing, Logtrade
Sarah Matthews

Head of Marketing

Simone Schmid, Project Manager, Logtrade
Simone Schmid

Project Manager

Tsen-Tiam Chu

Head of Operations

Zaher Azam
Zaher Azam


Our partners




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Remote-first work at Logtrade.

Join us in reshaping the 
world of logistics.

Our experienced, international team is constantly reinventing logistics to create a better world. We are remote-first with offices in Sweden and the United States. Come work with us and help accelerate a circular, zero-waste society with greater equity for all.

Recreate trade. Connect everything. Recreate trade. Connect everything.

Recreate trade. Connect everything. Recreate trade. Connect everything.

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