Imagining the future of supply chain logistics: a wheat farmer taking a nap in his truck, because his crops can move and sell themselves.

What if products could move and sell themselves?

Recreate trade. Connect everything.

Truck connected to Logtrade logistics software rolling down an uncongested urban street at sunset.

We’re recreating trade through connected, responsible logistics.

Our Internet of Logistics (IoL)-based solutions connect products, assets and information in a transparent ecosystem where nothing is lost, forgotten or wasted. Trade becomes more circular and efficient. So does your business.

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Streetlights light up the highway for logistics providers driving into a city at twilight.

Logtrade x HAVI x Scania

Connected Goods for off-peak delivery.

Discover Logtrade products.

All of our products work with the Logtrade Data Sharing Platform and help solve supply chain challenges – or we work together to develop new solutions.

A carrier connected to the Logtrade Delivery Management System driving through a desert landscape at sunset.


Delivery Management System

Product Details
An urban delivery worker carrying parcels to a satisfied receiver at the next drop-off location.


Delivery Experience Management

Product Details
Bright light illuminating an ancient landscape on a starry night, just like Logtrade Data Sharing is lighting up the logistics sector.


Logtrade Data Sharing Platform

Product Details
Explore all products

Logistics for a better world.

Our digital logistics ecosystem and SaaS solutions enable sustainable logistics by reducing various types of waste and allowing fleets to run at capacity. The IoL-based applications we develop also help businesses be prepared for the future of trade and predictive supply chains.

Everyone can connect to Logtrade solutions: companies and users, municipalities and citizens, as well as producers, consumers and service providers. Because we believe logistics should make trade easier and better for all. That way, people can focus on their lives: learning, growing, building, nourishing, relaxing and caring.

Our vision is bold and grounded. Because we’ve been pioneering logistics solutions since 1992. And innovating always.

Our Vision
Full capacity
Less waste
Predictive supply

Circular logistics

Rolling layers of nature: sea, land and sky, representing a new digital logistics ecosystem.

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Recreate trade. Connect everything. Recreate trade. Connect everything.

Recreate trade. Connect everything. Recreate trade. Connect everything.